Friday, September 2, 2011

Sofra, Shaw Towers

En route to the Voyage Night Festival, we decided to fill our tummies with some Turkish comfort food. Hello again Sofra! Turned out to be quite a busy night, but we found seats just by some food shelves, lol.

The second weekend of the night festival thingy, we decided to head to one of our old haunts nearby for some nice Turkish food. I've been going to Sofra for almost as long as I've been going to Tom's Palette downstairs - great kebabs at very very affordable prices!

We almost always start with a plate of Hummus and some pita bread. One of the better renditions of hummus I've had locally - rich and very flavourful, goes so well with the soft pita! Definitely get either this or the baba ghanoush (similar but made from eggplant instead).

This is the perfect starter - creamy chickpea goodness! Love the extra splosh of olive oil too, really brings out the texture. Haven't had that many hummuses (hummi?) around to compare, but this is definitely yum.

{ Hummus ($4.20) } Mildly spiced cream mixture of chickpeas & tahini with lemon juice

To share among three we ordered the chef's platter - at $$17.50 you get a smorgasbord of the kebabs Sofra has to offer - Doner Kebab (the sliced pieces of lamb), Izgara Kofte (the meat balls) and the Shish Kebab (the chicken skewer) - again with more pita and salad. To be honest - I tried, despite the lighting, to get a flattering shot of this but presentations for kebab platters were never their strong point :)

{ Chef Plate ($17.50) } A combination plate consists of a Doner kebab, Izgara Kofte and a skewer of Shish kebab

You get to pick your meat choices between chicken, lamb, beef or a mixture - I always go for the lamb doner you see roasting in the spits in the kitchen yonder, and them meatballs are one of my personal favourites as well. While both a little dry, both are DELICIOUS, well marinated and soooo deep in flavour. Eat it by itself or make your own pita pockets with salad.

Food doesn't look the greatest under the unfortunate lighting of the restaurant (which Photoshop has somewhat corrected here), but wow the meats on this platter were good. The lamb bits were especially tasty, and chicken on skewer was nice and tender too. All were nicely done! (I even liked the grilled green chillis)

The Adana Kebab is another of my favourites - hand minced mixture of spiced lamb and beef skewered in a ceremonial sword, juicier than the other kebaps and again, tastes wayyyy better than it looks.

{ Adana Kebab ($14.80) } Spiced minced meat cooked over fire
Besides this we also ordered a turkish pizza which wasn't very nice (definitely not recommended ... it's essentially baked pita with toppings). We ended up getting a serious bread overload - most of the dishes come with pita so you should skip the side order of pita unless you're starving!

 I suppose there can't be a lot of patrons inspired to sword-fight or go in a stabbing spree upon finishing this dish, otherwise the sword wouldn't still be there. A thought once occurred to me: maybe the sword is meant to psychologically lead you to believe the meat is awesome. Because it was really good!

 We usually order the Kebab Platter for $34.50 (I think), comes with the Adana Kebap, Doner Kebap, Izagara Kofte as well as two Shish kebabs and again generous servings of bread and pita. This usually feeds about 3 humans, or 2 hungry souls and it's real value for money. While I wasn't too impressed with their drinks and desserts (their Ayran was alright, like a really thick plain lassi, but I didn't like their Baklava), their kebabs are the real deal and relatively inexpensive. And always do pop up downstairs for some post-dinner ice cream!

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