Thursday, October 20, 2011

O My Dog, Great World City

 Starving after a long day, we bused down to Great World City to check out O My Dog (which once again we had vouchers for!), a new hot dog place by Skinny Pizza. Not the greatest spot to open a new shop, especially for hotdogs that are takeaways only.

The Mystery-Machine-esque van was quite a surprise though - the booth is van-shaped and the cashier, hot dog grill and prep is all in the van. Nifty! Lotsa people claiming their $5 for $10 vouchers, but I guess the real reason there were crowds was the sloowwwwww service for hot dogs.

 All hot dogs at $8, $9 for a drink combo, $12 for a drink and sensational truffle fries combo.

 At $4 for a tiny bag of truffle fries, I didn't taste one ounce of truffle oil. Tastes like regular, double fried fries. I lamented that buying fries from any fast food chain, sprinkling a tiny dose of truffle oil and reselling them at $4 for a tiny bag would indeed make a handsome profit. I was tempted to get the jumbo bag at $8 but thankfully didn't.

 I did get the whiff of truffle though but it was quite subtle. The $4 for a bag was a tad expensive but not tooo unreasonable I thought. For me it was an interesting change from plain ole fries.

{ Truffle Fries? ($4 ala carte) }

 I had the Cheesy-O which was caramelized onions and cheese - the standard Seattle-style variation.  Rather unfortunately I could barely taste the cream cheese, and the onions weren't caramelized right - not sweet, not soft enough. The beef dog itself though, was actually realllyyyy good, crunchy skin, juicy and flavourful meat on the bite, which I guess was its saving grace. The hot dog held together pretty well and was easy to eat, which is good considering it's supposed to be takeaway food.

{ Cheesy-O ($8 ala carte, $12 with drink and fries) }
Caramelized onions with cream cheese

 I tried to love the Hokey Porky, I really did. The combination of flavours didn't jive at all though. Upon reading the ingredients I was initially very excited about how mango would pair with roasted peppers - but they just don't. I did enjoy the sausage and in fact decided to eat this separately about halfway through..

 Took a bite - this was strange. The pork sausage itself was good and really really dense in pork flavour (might be off-putting to some - stick to beef), the peppers and mango I felt didn't gel well at all with the hot dog and onions.

{ Hokey Porky ($8 ala carte, $12 with drink and fries) }
Jerk pork, mango, roasted peppers and onions

 One thing that threw me off completely was the way my Hokey Porky was prepared. One does NOT slather sauce all over a hotdog to the point it dribbles down your hand when you attempt to eat it. It was so wet that I had to literally squeeze the sauce off my multigrain buns. What an utter waste and mess! I could not enjoy my hotdog without liquids oozing down my front.

 Big, big, big mistake is this soggy piece of crud. There was enough sauce in this hot dog bun to drown a hippo, with every bite into it spewing sauce all over your mouth and hands. And the bun's all wet! Ultimately disappointing and shows how a single simple mistake can completely ruin a dining experience.

{ Soggy piece of crud }

 In Gordon Ramsey's voice : "Just look at that. WTF IS THAT."

 With the buns dripping wet and sauces/flavours literally all over the place - I'm afraid this was an epic phail. My first impression and memory of O My Dog will be of the time I stood over there in front of the cinema, dabbing sauce off various surfaces, regretting my  choice (should have chose the Magic Mushroom, damn)

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