Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pink NutriDeli, Clifford Centre

 I got to know this place through a colleague who circulated the menu for an in-office lunch one day. Decided to dine for a quick lunch date with  (it was actually between here or Platypus Test Kitchen - but that'll be for another time!) and I must say this is a good, albeit slightly hidden place to get some healthy nosh.

 Raffles Place is packed as all hell on weekdays and to be honest, any restaurant claiming to sell 'healthy' food in Raffles Place will turn millionaries overnight as expats and rich office folk 'trying to remain healthy' clamber for your food regardless of taste. Not sure if this is yet another one of those o_O

 The seating area isn't very big and it is a bit cramped with other office workers - but we managed to get a table right away. Waitresses will show you to empty tables, which can only be a good thing (for no service charge). You place orders and pay at the counter, and food will be brought to you.

{ Simply Salmon Sandwich ($6.90) }

 I had a wholemeal pita with bits of salmon and egg in it. It comes with a serving of corn chips, which is apparently trans fat-free. The sandwich was alright, although somewhat lacking its namesake fish. Plenty of fibre in there though. Not bad for just under $7, and it got me through the rest of the afternoon without the dreadful post-lunch sleepies.

 Had a bite and I must say while there's clearly not enough salmon, it tasted great and who knew salmon omelette would work as sandwich material? Price is reasonable considering it's in Raffles Place and fills you up better than other sandwich places I've visited there!

{ Broiled Chix Breasts with Olive Brown Rice ($8.90) }
 Oh wow, nothing like healthy overload looking at this skinless white broiled chicken in healthy sauce and ultra-healthy olive brown rice - I feel like only bodybuilders should be eating like this. But lo-and-behold it actually tasted not bad! The chicken was just that - boiled and not much to it, but the mushroomy sauce actually made everything enjoyable, and the olive rice was actually really really olivey and fragrant. And hey even the soup's not too shabby though it did taste like a Campbell derivative.

 Love the olive brown rice! Really fragrant and healthy. The chicken was lean and good too, really felt like I was eating pure protein with no fat.

Overall, a recommended lunch option in Raffles Place. I'm actually tempted to go back to try the burgers, salads and 'low-calories' desserts.

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  1. Hello Four-legged Foodies!

    Thanks for visiting us and the comments / rating on the food you have tried during your visit. It is nice to know that people are sharing their dining experience even in a small and insignificant place like ours!

    I happen to come across your blog while googling and wanted to take this opportunity to update you that Pink Nutrideli is undergoing a major rebranding and we will be renamed to The Healthy Society. This is due to a change in ownership of the company and certainly, we will be ready to meet the public in no time with some new offerings on our menu and the same heart-healthy philosophy! We can't wait to share our brand new menu with nutritional information and calorie counts with the diet-conscious and the gym pilgrims!

    Thanks again and hope to see you soon! =)

    m: 8298 1889


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