Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, Keppel Road

 T'was a slightly rainy evening. What better time to enjoy some piping hot bak kut teh? To PSA Building we went! (there is another Ya Hua outlet on Havelock Rd). There were already quite a number of occupied tables, but were promptly attended to when we sat down.

 This place is quite 'well-known' in the bak kut teh circle in Singapore, so the popularity speaks for itself. Interestingly lots of regulars leave their personal can of tea leaves in the back so they can enjoy their own tea with their teh (kinda like how you can leave your own wine in some European restaurants).

 Service was fast, and before we could warm our seats the you tiao flew onto our table.

 As a pre-dinner shnack, soaking you tiao in the 'teh' is one of the simple pleasures in life.
 Pork ribs were good - I had the leaner version, which had a tolerable amount of fat on it. Very soft and easily fell off the bone, full of flavour from the peppery soup. Best enjoyed with lots of dark soy sauce and fresh red chillis!

 I had the normal pork ribs - most people go for the lean one which has more size-to-meat ratio. Some people find $6-$7 to be expensive for 3 pieces of meat which is true I suppose. But to me the real gem is the soup which is free flow!

{ Normal Pork Ribs ($6) / Lean Pork Ribs ($7) }

 The soup was excellent - all 4 bowls of it (unlimited top-ups FTW), and I daresay it is quite difficult now for me to go back to the Malaysian version of this (gasp! am I... am I becoming Singaporean?!!?). The peppery, garlicky (and I guess cholesterol-laden) goodness of this is just so heart- and belly-warming.

 Had 4 bowls of soup as well. You know it's good when the heat from the soup and the pepper burns your throat and yet while fighting the cinders in your belly you defiantly ask for top ups.

{ Sides are around $2 }

 We also ordered sides of braised peanuts and salted vegie. Pretty standard stuff but adds to a 'balanced' (ha) meal. Overall, it was a satisfying and quick meal.

 I guess the popularity and 'brand name' of this place speaks for itself, though there has been more and more negative reviews as of late. To be honest though I wouldn't necessarily rank this higher or lower than other good BKTs in Singapore. The location is only ideal if you live nearby and you drive, if you're in a more central location I'd probably go to Song Fa @ clarke quay instead any time!

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