Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cafe Oliv, East Coast Road

 Tempted by a $29 voucher for a Wagyu main (!!!), we made our way to the legendary east side of the island to locate Cafe Oliv near Upper East Coast. A train a bus and a short walk later we arrived at our destination, passing up several other distractions including Katong Laksa!

 By the time we arrived it was pretty late for lunch, and the three or four tables seated were presumably all using some form of set meal voucher or another.

 It's a cosy little cafe that seems to be quite popular with families. We sat facing a little kid who directed food everywhere except into his mouth, lol.

 Cafe Oliv offers a Kurobuta set meal for $49.90++ and a 5 course Wagyu set meal for $69.90. Guess the voucher we had was a little misleading cos we were assuming there'd be a selection of Wagyu mains to choose from - what it actually meant was just the main from the Wagyu set, which was a Australian Wagyu Ribeye. Oh well can't say we had much to complain about!

 What kinda cheesed me off was discovering a few days after using the voucher that there was another deal that offered the complete set ( albeit not Wagyu but Angus, but the whole set was on offer for $15 when our Wagyu main alone was $30)  for a better price. Pah! Guess that's the thing about using group buying sites.. there's just too many of them in Sg nowadays!

{ Wagyu Ribeye (5-course-set @ $69.90) }

 After a fair bit of wait (despite the not-very-packed -ness) our meal finally arrived! The ribeye was visibly rather fatty, and at medium rare was really tender. The fattiness was a little too much for bunneh to handle, but for me I thought this was a really decadent and juicy piece of steak! Came with some wedges and summer vegetables.

 The meat was much softer than other steaks I've had. Not sure if this is really due to the Wagyu-ness of it, or maybe it was just a really fresh cut. I did enjoy this. It was a good hunk of meat, although to be honest I had to leave aside some bits of fat. Sides are tucked away underneath the steak - standard potato wedges with some broccoli and carrots.

 As you can see this was the only item we tried and so our review and opinion is very limited. However from observation the sets seem to be very popular (and they are quite inexpensive too, don't need a voucher lol), as was dessert (the mudpie in particular kept coming out of the kitchen). If you stay out east, this is worth checking out - you lucky east siders get all the good nosh!

Cafe Oliv
220 East Coast Road
(short walk down from Katong Mall)

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