Saturday, February 25, 2012

Penny Black, Boat Quay

 A little dinner and drink time before one of the last few screenings of Wicked, we decided to check out a spot at Boat Quay we've always wanted to check out. Partially drawn to the delectable list of the sandwiches available as well, the pastrami sandwich does sound awesome after seeing the kind of pastrami New York serves up!

 Penny Black is located right at the start of Boat Quay just next to UOB Tower - can't miss it!

  Well guess I was at fault for expecting a new york deli style sandwich at an English bar, but this sandwich did look appetizing on arrival.

{ Pastrami and Camembert Sandwich ($15.50) } 
Sliced smoked beef seasoned with herbs and spices and layered with Camembert cheese, with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and a balsamic cranberry sauce on Farmhouse white bread. Served with straight-cut fries.
 A paltry three thin cuts of pastrami and a paltry three slivers of camembert cheese, taste wise overall was just alright. The pastrami was surprisingly tough and bland though the salty cheese and balsamic did help. The white bread was tough as well so it was honestly rather a chore to work through this sandwich! None too impressed. Fries double fried.

 From bear's ravings about pastrami sandwiches I was very excited to try this. It wasn't bad actually (of course not comparing to the epic NY-style ones, which I haven't yet tried!) - pretty generous slices of smoked beef (nicer if just a bit thinner) which went quite nicely with the slightly salty camembert. I didn't mind the chewy white bread.

{ Apple and Rhubarb Crumble ($10) }
Granny Smith apples and chopped rhubarb baked with Triple Sec and roasted pinenuts, topped with homemade crumble and served with vanilla ice cream

 This was excellent! The buttery sweet crumble was amazing. Probably the best I've ever had! This is the go-to dessert if you're in the mood for something sweet but non chocolatey. My only gripe is that the ice cream melted too fast in the early evening heat as we were seated outside. Excellent stuff, highly recommended!

 The crumble on the other hand was pretty superb - the home made crumble was sweet and crunchy, apple rhubarb mix just mildly sweet and warm and the cold ice cream was just the perfect complement.

 Penny Black serves up some other yummy-sounding and good-looking food of mostly English variety, so if you're in the area for some grub and beer do definitely check this place out. 

The Penny Black Pte Ltd
26/27 Boat Quay (just off UOB tower)

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