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Hokkaido Sushi, M Hotel

*Any opinions below are only based on the Omakase deal

 Once again lured by the promises of huge discounts from such websites (never again!), we bought a $49.90 for $153 omakase set for Hokkaido Sushi (which apparently has won awards before) for a dining experience on V-day. Woe is me!

Prices below in brackets are the claimed value for the dishes that make up the $153 price tag (  : pish posh!). 

Not long after sitting down we were being served with the appetizers - clearly pre-prepared and stored in the fridge due to the cold cold bowls. First two courses was a century egg tofu (just decent and the century egg flavour too diluted) and a wafu salad, which was just ok.

{ Homemade Pitan Tofu and Wafu Salad ($11?) }
Beancurd with Century Egg and Mixed Salad with Seaweed in vinegar sauce

 After a while the sashimi plate came - again cold plate, meant it was pre-cut and kept in the fridge. What I believed to be salmon, aji, tai and maguro, they were not bad by any means, but no where near what I assumed freshly prepared air-flown Hokkaido sashimi to taste like. And is this plate really worth $35?

{ 7 pieces of Sashimi ($35?) } 

 The chawanmushi was a little unusual - there was a layer of soup-like thingy housing the ikura just above the chawanmushi. This was pretty good actually, if you like the popping of the ikura roe, mildly sweet and salty. Chawanmushi was lukewarm, bordering on cool, but flavour was not bad.

 I like my steamed egg firm but wobbly but not wet - so this was kinda "eh?" for me.

{ Hokkaido Beni Shake Ikura Chawanmushi ($15?) }
Steamed custard egg with Hokkaido red Salmon roe

 As this plate was being served, the waiter said "this is beef". I asked her to repeat because I was expecting a least a small description of what it was (mentioning it was supposedly Wagyu tenderloin would have helped). This dish was again, not bad - the beef was soft and tender and flavourful and the mushrooms were especially tasty. But I wouldn't have thought this was Wagyu and I definitely would not have paid $25 for this portion. Was served lukewarm.

{ Wagyu Tenderloin Beef with Mixed Mushroom ($25) }

 This was probably the highlight of the night! Perfectly grilled salmon steak with (overly) generous spreading of mentaiyaki - light, flaky, sweet and the skin full of omega 3, and went well with the sweet sweet mentaiyaki.Unfortunately half way through the mentaiyaki got a little too cloying as well! Could have used less.

 This is good! Probably the warmest dish of the night lol.

{ Nama Shake Mentai Yaki ($18) }
Grilled fresh Salmon with spicy cod roe sauce

 The signature hokkaido maki - this was surprisingly good, can't go wrong with fried seafood in a sushi roll! The bits of roasted sesame and the generous tobiko gave a really great flavour overall, sauce was a little too creamy and we hoped it was by the side instead of sitting on it.

{ Signature Hokkaido Maki ($10) }
Sushi roll with deep-fried seafood wrapped in seaweed, topped with Flying Fish roe

 Finally we arrived at the second to last dish - the wakame soba. I thought there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary of this supposedly $10 bowl of soba, and in fact I thought the soba was a little too chewy.

{ Wakame Soba ($10?) }
Hot Japanese seaweed Soba

 Ended it all with a scoop of Matcha Ice Cream - a little too sweet and not enough Matcha for my liking, Haagen Dazs or Tom's Palette's variation is definitely superior.

{ Matcha Ice Cream ($6?) }

 I thought that the dinner overall was okaay but definitely not worth the supposed $153 in total. Thing is, we don't know if the restaurant serves the exact same thing if we were to order ala carte. If it does, then this place is waaaay overpriced. There is a pretty good chance of getting food of equal quality for much cheaper elsewhere. Please note that this is of course based entirely on our experience with the Omakase set alone. 

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
81 Anson Road
Level 9 M Hotel (3 minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT)

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HGW Link (64% recommended at time of writing) :  http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/hokkaido_sushi_restaurant/
Rating (out of 4) : 

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