Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kraze Burgers, Liang Court

 Apparently all the kraze (hah!) in Korea and as my colleague attests to it it's pretty good there, we couldn't resist a $15 for $30 voucher.

 Made a reservation and came by Liang Court 715pm on a Thursday to find it completely empty. Just a few tables visibly reserved undoubtedly to redeem their vouchers.

 Something not quite right about a 1980s american comic chick promoting korean style healthy burgers (and hey, you've spelt kraze backwards you fools). Burgers seemed a major ripoff at about $10-$16 each (with NO side dishes ... not even a salad or drink. Wtf?), they did sell chilli fries and wedges seperately at about $4 - $8 a plate, and at least the $3.50 glass of ice lemon tea was semi decent.

{ Garlic Idaho ($8) }
Sauteed rare-cut Potato Fries with Garlic and Butter, over sweet spicy sauce,
cream mayonnaise and mango dressing

 The garlic fries were the only thing my cousin remembered from this place, so we didn't take a chance and ordered it in case it turned out to be the one thing palatable. Honestly we were pleasantly surprised - the potatoes were of surprising good quality and sauteed just right but not too oily, along with generous amounts of chopped garlic that went really well! The sauce was quite the winner too - a mix of what seemed like tabasco, mango sauce and mayo, it was sweet, fruity and really spicy all at once, really great for dipping.

But wow. Were the burgers such a major ripoff.

{ K.G Burger ($14) }
Represents Kraze Gold Medal Burger (Bulgogi Burger). A taste you have never experienced. Korean-Style Barbequed Beef Patty added with a unique Bulgogi Sauce along with Mushrooms on a Whole Wheat Bun [sic]

 Strange presentation was one - overly tall and came cut down the middle, if you ever removed the wooden fork the crown bun will just slip off the lettuce, and since it wasn't very wide it doesn't really hold together ... anyway. It came with a little side dish of (no offence) pinoy-style fruit salad. Right ... moving on ...

The Kraze Gold Medal burger, a taste you have never experienced (wow!). Well yes you can't experience a taste that doesn't exist can you - the burger was bland. I didn't get the slightest hint of bulgogi sauce and the beef patty was heavily emulsified (healthy burger ay?).

{ K.B++ ($14) }
Added Bacon and Fried Eggs to our famous K.B Original Burger, K.B++ will give you more appetite from Richness of Flavors [sic]

 My signature K.B burger came with yellowed lettuce (albeit a good portion), a fried egg and bacon over the same emulsified beef patty, which gave it [richness of flavours]. Was also rather bland even with the mystery kraze sauce.

 The cut through the beef patty shows how flat and smooth it - maybe I've been spoilt with freshly made patties but patties like this emulsified beyond human comprehension are just a big no-no when you're (1) not quite a fast food chain (2) claiming to be selling healthy food. I mean, I get it that it's 'healthy', but if it's healthy means bland and chemically processed then why am I paying $14?

 Personally I felt the burgers were nothing to write home about. I can see how it is angled as being 'healthy', but 'healthy' to me translates to more than just having slightly bigger portions of fresh veg (did you know that lettuce has close to no fibre? they are often in plates to fill the space and add colour) - it also means using wholesome ingredients, so the patty kind of turned me off. For the bucks that leave your pocket you'd think there would be at least some fresh ground patty of some description. The flavours were also not very pronounced and having to constantly dab it in mustard/chilli/tomato sauce just isn't that inspiring.

Well I guess this is a shining example of 'never know until you try' - so although we got the chance to sample the food here, we sure aren't Kraze about the burgers!

 The bill came up to be $46 with two burgers, garlic fries and a drink. We lamented we could have bought 5 double mushroom swiss burger set meals at Burger King and still have change.

Kraze Burgers
177 River Valley Road
#01-09/10 Liang Court

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