Sunday, March 11, 2012

P.S Cafe, Palais Renaissance

 I can think of many ways to while away an early Sunday afternoon. While going to Orchard isn't necessarily one way, knowing we'd soon be seated in a cozy cafe with cakes the size of your face is a great prospect :)

 This PS Cafe branch at Palais Renaissance doesn't look like much from the outside. But the interior is just really pretty - the natural light, high ceilings, mirrors and plants gives the place a lovely ambience.

 The interior was really quite surprising - Palais Renaissance is just like any other overpriced mall on Orchard but it's nice to find a place with a high ceiling and fake greenhouse in one!

 We came here with a mission: to try the cakes! And oh my are they ginormous. You'll be greeted by the many cakes on display as you walk in so there's no way of NOT being tempted.

 The giga-double chocolate cake was quite literally, face-sized, but it was a little too giga-sized so we gave it a pass.

 Simply had to order the classic carrot cake with cream cheese topping..

{ M's Carrot Cake ($9.90) }

 This was incredibly moist (not oily!) and packed with grated-carroty-goodness. Very generous with walnuts too! I love the level of sweetness here, and the cream cheese topping was sufficiently sour for that balance. I'd eat this everyday if I could, honestly :)

 Not the cheapest slice of carrot cake, but the cream cheese topping was really generous! The carrot cake itself was really, well done and as mentioned is curiously moist yet not oily at all, with plenty of walnuts and visible carrot strands. We've come across carrot cakes which were 1) too dry and falls apart 2) too oily and cloys your mouth and this was the perfect balance between.

{ Sweet Sour Lemon Pie ($12) }

 This came served with a dollop of light whipped cream. The custard filling had a nice tart-ness and sour twang. The base-to-custard ratio was just right too! My only comment would be the price - for $12 I'd expect a lot more richness, or simply a bigger slice.

 In search of key lime pie but sadly unavailable that day, we settled for the lemon pie. Indeed $12 was a little pricey ... but the lemon custard was really really good, very lemony and sweet (as promised!) and everything held together well.

 With still a tad bit of room in our bellies, we ordered the truffle fries. This turned out to be a mountain load of fries! Not for the diet-conscious..

{ Truffle Shoestring Fries ($15) }

 The incredible aroma of earthy truffle oil lingered throughout our mission to finish the pile. The shaved parmesan and parsley also lends to the flavour. This was yummy and moreish! Can you believe the both of us demolished this entirely?! This in addition to the cakes and 2 lattes! @.@

 Holy crap balls, that was probably the most "worth-it" plate of fries in a restaurant I've seen. For $15 you get enough fries to feed about 4 regular asians (we're not regular). And they were really generous with the truffle oil which is more than I can say for some spots - the aroma, sweet jesus.   ate about 60% of it as I wallowed in self pity :(

 While items on the menu are pricey, from what we ordered that day, I feel it is somewhat justified by the quantity of food and attractive chillout setting. We've already been discussing what to order next time - so looks like there may be a return visit! :)

 Poor guy next to us ordered a breakfast item and a plate of fries, I would have offered to help after he left half the fries untouched (which was still a feat in itself). We've heard lotsa stories about the food here being mediocre but garguantuan in serving, but after trying to cakes and fries we're definitely returning to try the brunch or mains.

P.S Cafe (A)
390 Orchard Road, #02-09A
Palais Renaissance

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