Friday, March 9, 2012

Wheat Baumkuchen Pasta & Noodle Bar, OUB Centre

 If you are a Raffles Place office worker, you will know that this used to be Spinelli Coffee. This little area is just by the escalators at the basement of OUB Centre and few steps away from SwissBake, Salad Stop and the legendary Barcook Bakery.

I literally pass by this place every day and was very curious about their noodles. Having tried the baumkuchen before at Toa Payoh, I was more interested in the strangely-named noodle sets. So I did one lunchtime (had the Tuna Set) and was quite pleased - had to tell   about it!

 We made arrangements to meet for dinner here one Friday. It closes at 8pm, with last orders at 715pm. There aren't many seats but we were the only ones there that Friday evening.

{ Penguin Set ($7.80) }
Green soba noodles in roasted sesame sauce with shredded chicken, fried eggs, carrot, japanese cucumber, lettuce & quail egg. Comes with lemon tea.

 They ran out of green soba so they gave me buckwheat soba instead, and they ran out of penguin so it was chicken instead. The roasted sesame sauce stood out rather strongly, which basically gave the whole dish that standard japanese salad taste. Portion was decent and the egg and chicken went well with the soba to give it all-around level 10 healthiness. While I don't necessarily agree it's worth the $7.80, considering it's location and the long queues at lunch time, it's a typical Raffles Place food and price.

{ Dolphin Set ($7.80) }
Ramen noodles in miso sauce with prawns, carrots, lettuce & quail egg. Comes with lemon tea.

 Was half-expecting this to have a lot more garnish, but then I should have read the description properly I guess lol. I liked the miso sauce and the slight soft-chewiness of the cold noodles. Prawns were alright, and I suppose the quail eggs keeps it all 'dainty'. Loved the sesame and the generosity of lettuce at the bottom. Personally, I'd say go for the other sets because this one seems a tad spartan compared to the others for the standard $7.80 you pay (haha, so calculative).

While the noodle sets has NOTHING to do with baumkuchen (they do sell baumkuchen as well), they were pretty interesting and kind of healthy, but obviously would not make another special trip to Raffles Place to check it out (especially considering last order is that 715pm). If you do work nearby I guess it's another salad spot where you can order an arbitrarily named noodle set for lunch.

Wheat Baumkuchen Pasta & Noodle Bar
#B1-15, 1 Raffles Place, OUB Centre
just out of Raffles Place MRT

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