Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fine Cuts, Central (Basement)

 I've passed by this place a few times and while we've been saving our stomaches for Savour this weekend we decided the crazy week at work warranted some decent food! Apparently they serve up really cheap set lunches (like $8!!!) and even on evenings they do ~$15 set meals which is really, very affordable. But let the food speak for itself!

 Arrived rather late around 8pm on a Thursday and it was about half full. It was the kind of no frills, order / eat / leave kind of diner but they do sell meats like raw shanks and steaks by the counter. We ordered two items from the 'Fine Cuts' selection where in if you order two items you get a pork chop free! Sounded like a great deal to two famished beasts and we never say no to free food.

{ Free Pork Chop! }
 Honestly we were pleasantly (for now) surprised when the pork chop came and it was a full portion meal in itself. I'm not sure why they expect any duo to be able to finish 3 main course portions, though we did (with beer) after taking a while, haha. Pork chop itself was surprisingly good, firm and tender and the black pepper sauce spicy and generous. Fries double-fried!
It was only when my own main course arrive (and soon,   's) did we realize all the dishes use the same black pepper sauce and were plated in the exact same way. =.= The sauce and fries were both good, don't get me wrong, but it could use a little creativity! ( or at least give options as to what kind of sauce you'd like lathered on your meat... er, yeah)

{ AUST. Flown-in Grass-Fed Striploin Steak ($20) }
180gm chilled beef steak, air-flown

 The steak was actually really good! Not that I can taste the different between grass or grain-fed steak, the steak was medium-rare perfectly tender and really great natural flavour in the meat. A no-frills, good cut of steak that was well-cooked and at just $20.

{ Mixed Grill Platter ($16) }
USA Porkloin, Snail sausage and Pork patties

 As you can see the same sauce features prominently here which kinda results in everything looking rather the same! But anyway on to the dish - I chose this on the basis of variety, since you get 3 different kinds of.. stuff. Everything here was okaaay, I mean nothing really stands out. The Porkloin tasted exactly like the free serving of porkchop which is no bad thing because it was good! I liked this dish, but maybe the pepper sauce and liberal applications of mustard helped!

 Same sauce and plating! I thought the sausage and patty both tasted a little queer but   liked it.

All in all, not bad for a decently priced meal!

Fine Cuts
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central B1-44/45

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