Friday, April 6, 2012

Empire State Burger, Causeway Point

 Civilization! I needed some real nosh so we decided to meet up near my place for some simple but proper food. We wanted to check out Hot Tomato next door for a while now (cheap steak but is it edible?) but due to the long queue we opted for this instead.

 (Photo below was taken after we'd left - guess we managed to beat the queue here!)

 The one at Iluma has been open since quite a while ago, and I've always lamented that there actually really isn't a burger joint at the Empire State Building itself. Regardless the menu seems alright and I really just need a greasy burger.

The menu just struck me as offensive being that there's a tall building, and a monkey in a plane. Not so much unlike a certain event in Manhattan a while ago (monkey and all).

 We deliberated for a little bit and settled for a pizza, burger and a long overdue root beer float ($8)! The float was actually about a pint so it's not too bad value.

{ Pepperoni Pizza ($12.90) }
For pepperoni lovers, this crispy crust pizza is topped with lots of pepperoni, shredded mozzarella, cheddar cheese and served with tomato sauce

 While nowhere near 'authentic', this pizza brought us back to younger-childhood-Pizza-Hut years. Hate to admit this but we actually enjoyed this! The thick dough topped with oily cheesy pepperoni - it's literally so bad that it's good. Lashings of tabasco sauce made this all the more delish. This pizza can actually be shared between 3-4 people - for the both of us the motherload of carbs got a bit iffy after our 3rd square.

 I dare say I prefer this over Modesto's given the price.

{ House Burger ($12.90) }
Freshly grilled beef patty served with our special sauce on a soft oatmeal bun, filled with lots of melted cheese on a bed of baby greens, sliced tomatoes, onions and pickles

 Wasn't spectacular but wasn't bad as well - it was a good ol' beef burger with a fresh minced beef patty (unlike some others). The 'special' sauce tastes suspiciously like mustard. The oatmeal bun was great as well, and the burger wasn't too soggy and held together well.

It's an affordable place with decent western food if you're not too fussed about quality - but definitely no where close to anything you can actually get in the vicinity of the Empire State Building. Good place to eat at Causeway Point though I wouldn't queue more than 5 minutes for this.

They do have a signature Empire State Burger which is like $30, which can feed about 4 average Singaporeans, 2 hungry males or 1 average American.

Empire State Burger
#02-10/K10 Causeway Point

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