Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purple Mustard, ICON (TJ Pagar)

 Craving hotdogs? Happen to be in the CBD area? We know just what you need! And even if not - we recommend this place anyways.

Located in Icon Village which is a skip away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, Purple Mustard is a new joint serving up gourmet hotdogs. You really can't miss the bright purple walls and tables.

 What I thought cute was that the word Mustard was in purple and the word Purple was in yellow :)

 For dinner one night we decided to go for a two hotdogs, an Asian Slaw and a drink (Horchata, an almond milk drink with spices - very interesting!) between us both.

 Topping up $1.50 on any dog gives you either fries or asian slaw. Another $1 for a drink which is not bad!

{ Asian Slaw }

 Now this slaw reminds me of the little salad that Soup Spoon serves alongside their sandwiches/wraps. This one here is a little sweeter and milder, compared to Soup Spoon's tangier version. Given this comparison (although it's not that fair to compare this way, I know..), I prefer Soup Spoon's bolder flavour. However, I thought this was a very nice alternative to regular ole' chips, especially making up the fibre component of a balanced meal besides carbs (bun) and protein (dog).

 Sweet and tangy but I don't really like parsley! Purple too.

They were pretty nice and let us try the Sriracha remoulade and Purple Mustard (from Jim Bean soaked blueberries) before we ordered - and they were really good sauces! A short chat and some online reading revealed that all their sauces are homemade - tremendous amount of work!

{ Barnyard Dog ($9) }
Beef & Guinness sausage, caramelized onions, Purple Mustard, Sriracha remoulade, on a regular bun

 After trying both the sauces I decided on the Barnyard which has the titular Purple Mustard. A truly interesting mix of two spicy sauces (both surprisingly, not that spicy actually) over a great juicy beef sausage. Definitely a great quality dog - great flavour and the skin was soft and not tough to chew through at all. The onions were well caramelized as well - sweet and soft! The buns were supplied, which was surprisingly because the buns were really, really good. Firm, sweet and crisp after toasting, and dense enough to not turn to mush after drowned in sauce (unlike a certain place).

{ Sheep Dog ($10) }
Lamb merguez, buttermilk battered deep fried eggplant, Emmental cheese, mango salsa, on a honey oatmeal bun

 I chose this simply for the lamb sausage, which I thought is fairly uncommon. Definitely the right choice for me! Somehow it all comes together very nicely - the soft mushiness of the deep fried eggplant, the savoury merguez, the sweet mango salsa, the subtle emmental cheese. The best element of this for me was the honey oatmeal bun - wow, this was really nice! It held well, so it was firm but not tough, and soft but not to the extent of absorbing all liquids (unlike a certain other gourmet hot dog place which is just a no-go..).

 All in all, great hot dogs! If you're willing to pay about $8-$10 for a hot dog, you'll be greeted with a rich range of interesting homemade sauces, great quality sausages and overall creative combinations.

Purple Mustard
12 Gopeng Street #01-31/32 ICON Village

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  1. Hi, I am your new follower. The hotdog looks cute, especially the Barnyard Dog. Tempting to try it.


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