Saturday, December 22, 2012

Asia Grand, Odeon Towers

Here we have a joint birthday celebration of sorts and of course Peking duck is in order! Asia Grand can be found at Odeon Towers, a skip away from City Hall MRT.

 Made a reservation for 12.30pm on a Saturday and would highly recommend booking a table in advance.

We got a table right under the air con vent near the entrance. I was offered a red shawl by a waitress when we couldn't swap places to be further away from the blast of cool air - brownie points for service!

{ Baked BBQ Pork Puff ($4.20) }

 Char siew sou was nice - flaky, slightly buttery and salty exterior with the sweet char siew filling makes for a great start to a dim sum lunch.

 The main highlight of the meal: Peking Duck! We ordered a whole bird, which is carved by your table and made into little crispy-skin pancakes served with crackers. For an additional $10 I believe we got the rest of the duck meat to be fried up with rice.

{ Peking Duck ($38 on offer) }

 These are really good! The crunch of the crispy skin and cucumber within the soft eggy pancake is just so moreish. To our delight there is plenty to go around between the 4 of us :)

{ Duck Meat Fried Rice }

 I also really liked the generous chunks of duck meat in the fried rice, which was very fragrant and well wok-fried. Grains of the rice were completely separated.

{ Steamed Cheong-Fun with Shredded Chicken & Preserved Egg ($5.80) }

 We ordered Chee cheong fun with century egg just because it sounded quite unusual. To me it didn't taste that special though!

{ Fried Shrimp Roll with Mango ($5.20) }

 I enjoyed the combination of the mango shrimp with sesame. It goes quite nicely together but I thought the flavour could have been more balanced towards the savoury side as the mango is quite strong.

{ Bamboo clams ($22?) }

 Bamboo clams - don't think I've seen/eaten these kind of clams before! This was pretty good too, with the straw mushrooms, garlic and XO sauce.

  I can't remember the price but I remember it was pretty pricey! Never eaten this before but it was actually really good!

{ Gui-Hua (Osmanthus) Jelly Cake ($4) }

  Not a fan of this at all but it was pretty nice - the texture was firm and just mildly sweet and strong in flowery-ness.

{ Steamed Custard Bun ($4.20) }

 We were looking forward to trying the custard bun and when it came like this I was a bit puzzled and distracted by the swirly pattern. I don't think it's a different flavour though I could be wrong!

 The moment of truth: upon opening the bun we just knew this wasn't quite up to mark.. The filling inside just wasn't as fragrant and as 'kao' as the (very good) ones we had at Mouth Restaurant (which will now be the benchmark for all other liu sha baos!)

  Sorely disappointed! The custard was creamy but honestly, it was tasteless compared to others we've had. While I do like the craftmanship on the bun itself, the custard wasn't great.

All in all, the peking duck is the real winner here - $38 + $10 is really quite cheap, and while it's on 'offer price', it's been at that price for quite a while, so go fast before it ends! The dim sum is reasonably priced and most we ordered were hits, which explains how this was packed to the brim on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely call way in advance to place your reservation.

Asia Grand
331 North Bridge Road
#01-02 Odeon Towers

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