Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mezza9 Champagne Brunch, Grand Hyatt

 Ah ... the legendary Sunday champagne brunch - offered by most hotels in Singapore, if you have roughly $150 (per pax) to spare. We decided to head to Mezza9 @ Hyatt for our first experience of such decadence!

 As the 138++ Champagne Brunch suggests, it's free flow champagne from 11:30 to 3. Let the debauchery commence!

 Bubbly and coffee - never a better way to start the day (we do not recommend drinking these together, however)

 We were seated right next to the sashimi counter and had good views of fresh slabs of raw fish on display. These were so good I succumbed to two full plates of salmon, swordfish, tuna and fat salmon roe :)

 Glorious sushi platter, which we didn't go for..

 So. Much. Unagi.

 Ho damn, mushroom risotto in the frickin' cheese wheel! Scrape bits of cheese off as you scoop your risotto. Granted I thought the risotto was slightly undercooked, but still great.

 Baby eggs benedict - I didn't think this was very nice because it gets a bit gross when it's not completely warm.

 Fresh mussels and lobster tail - good stuff! Mussels were quite surprisingly flavourful and the lobster flesh sweet.

 The hidden barrel of port wine next to the cheese station - heavenly!

 And ... desserts.

 Heaven is a place on earth :)

 Not the first time I harboured thoughts of swimming in a chocolate fountain. The champagne in my bloodstream made it very hard not to.

Plate 1 - prosciutto ham w/melon, assorted hams, oysters, mussels, lobster tails, smoked duck and asparagus salad.

Plate 2 - mekajiki, maguro, salmon, all the ikura in the world, with some lobster salad and miso shiro

Plate 3 - mini eggs benedict, mushroom risotto with freshly scrapped cheese, creamed spinach, creamy mashed taters, sautéed mushrooms, and foie gras

Plate 4 - roast beef, roast lamb, roast pork neck, rotisserie chicken, yorkshire pudding w/beef gravy, bernaise and mustard, with white pepper prawns and fried soon hock

Plate 5 - smoked salmon on bread w/cream cheese and capers, cheese platter with fruit bread and breadstick, and a glass of port

Plate 6 - tempura, chicken w/leeks, unagi, bacon w/tomato

Plate 7 - fresh cherries, chocolate mousse cake, cocoa chocolate thingy, strawberries in chocolate sauce, pecan pie

Plate 8 - bread and butter pudding, lemon tart, cherry pie, marshmallows and grapes in chocolate 

 After 3.5 hours of eating and drinking, it's safe to say this is the best birthday celebration so far :)

 Being the first champagne brunch we've been to, I can't really say if it's better or worse than others. But the service was excellent, our bubbly glasses were never (even half) empty, selection of food was great and quality was good. The winning dish of the day no doubt goes to the chocolate mousse cake - and the selection of desserts in general.

 Pro tip: Feel free to mix champagne with orange juice for your own free-flow mimosas.

Rating (out of 4): 

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