Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Manhattan Pizza Co, Orchard Central

 Ah ... new york style pizza - my heart's cockles have been warmed. Distinctly different from the more traditional italian style, new york style pizza are known for two things - huge-ass slices (usually sporting a 10" radius), and greasy as all hell.

 When a new NY style pizza place opened in Orchard Central, we just had to check it out. We had bought two coupons earlier ($15 for a slice, 2 buffalo wings, and free flow salad and drinks), but as I was there with two colleagues we decided to order ala carte instead.

Selection of pizza was pretty good. They had the usual suspects - pepperoni, margherita, etc. - and they had some interesting ones like roast duck. After deliberating, we ended up ordering a full pizza of mixed margherita and pepperoni - classics!

 Jesus - the full pizza came fresh from the oven, 20" / 8 slices for just $39 - so large it had to be served on a metal rack. Glistening with that lovely crispy cheese cover, and the toppings were also relatively generous. Just glorious.

 A truly cheesy slice - but how does it taste? Comparing it to Loui's NY Pizza Parlor at Universal Studios, I felt the pizza at one at Loui's was supremely more greasy - in fact so much so that I couldn't bear eating more than one slice. Though I have to say, the greasier it is the more authentic it tasted. The one here - however - was a lot less greasy, but still cheesy and greasy enough for that full flavour bite.

 The crust was thin and dry - crispy and a lot healthier tasting - but as a result it was a little too crispy and dangerous for your palette!

 We wiped the rack clean after having 2 and 2/3 slices each and left pretty satisfied. All in all it's fairly authentic NY style pizza, albeit less greasy ("healthier"). Get the full pizza if you can help it - it's slightly cheaper and you get it freshly baked, though the ala carte pricing isn't expensive as well.

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central 

Main website : http://mymanhattanpizza.com/
HGW Link (100% recommended at time of posting) : http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/the_manhattan_pizza_co/
Rating (out of 4) : 

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