Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nando's, Plaza Sing

We've tried going to Nando's before but that damn place always has a queue. Makes you wonder - is this place really that good, or just a victim of the Singaporean queue phenomenon (in which a small queue begets a larger queue and eventually a neverending queue to quench kiasunism)?

Determined to find an answer to my question, we reached the new Plaza Sing branch after 2pm, and there was no queue in sight - we plopped down and started getting some chicken.

Bunny got a quarter and I got a half - both spicy - as I was starving, but we decided that we will both get a third (they should just sell thirds), with 3 bean salad and potato lime leaf skewer. EATTTTT.

Well, peri peri sauce tastes the same whether you get it from Barcelo's, Nando's, or Mustafa supermarket - it was spiceh. It wasn't Ayam Penyet level spicy, but still warranted liquid to quell the fire, which gives rise to the next dastardly initiative that they don't serve drinking water - not even tap. Why don't Singaporean restaurants serve tap water when it costs 0.05cents per cup (going at $2 per kilolitre) taking it literally from the tap, is bullcrud. They probably have higher profit margins selling cheap sweetened drinks than from chicken, and for every bottle of bottled water one buys, you can get ~850 bottles equivalent of tap water. We had to get some apple sugar drink in the end.

Anyway, the chicken was good, but my main gripe was the darn thing was a little too wet. Besides the generous slathering of sauce on top (which anyway is 'free' because the sauce bottles are on every table), the inside was overly juicy and makes me feel like it hasn't been grilled long enough. It was cooked, definitely, but I preferred my grilled chicken dry and slightly crispy on the outside. There was not enough crispiness in my chicken, I'm calling shenanigans.

Good, regardless, but Barcelo's is better on a personal chicken preference. Duly noted though that both places are of similar prices (expensive - for $25 for half a chicken I can get a steak in some places) but Barcelo's portions are notably smaller for some reason.

And the potato lime leaf skewer was strange.

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