Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lobster Porridge, Orchard Central

My dad was in town, so my sis, bro-in-law and I brought him to Orchard Central for some good old hearty lobster porridge. We initially thought of going to Imperial Treasure at Taka for the oyster version, but decided that it might be too crowded by then.

So off to.. Lobster Porridge! (I swear that's the name of the restaurant)

Ordered this veggie juice thing. Was an interesting concoction, definitely fresh! Had a tinge of sour in it, might be lime. Generous portion too.

There is a 1-for-1 porridge promotion ongoing for (I think) DBS credit cards. We ordered four bowls - for the price of two! And trust me, a bowl might easily feed two hungry adults. In each bowl you will find a whole lobster too.

The broth was very tasty, sans the fishy smell. We actually heaped in small slices of chilli in it, which added a very powerful spicy kick to the dish :D Lobster was a bit too chewy I thought - had bit of difficulty prying it from the spotted shell.

Ref above picture for spotted shell.

We also ordered 1) cod fish with this green gingery garnish/sauce and 2) stir fried chinese napa cabbage. I was too busy wolfing everything down to take photos :(

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