Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hatched, Evans Lodge

Despite located slightly out of the way, we decided to hop on a bus and brave the increasingly heavy drizzle to have breakfast at Hatched. As you would guess, the menu consists of eggs prepared in a number of ways - fried, scrambled, omelette-ed.

The decor of the place was pretty simple and cute, basically it was all chickens and eggs. Nice little S&P shakers and a little M.C Escher going there.

Much like Ryder's cafe at Turf Club, Evans Lodge is freakin' outta the way if you don't have a car. And as expected, the crowd here falls into a slightly higher income bracket (atas).

I had the Burly Benedict - Eggs Benedict with corned Wagyu beef hash and Mornay sauce - set me back about $17. Standard pricing here for Eggs Benedict was about $12 for one and $17 for two. Breakfast here ain't cheap! Granted, the eggs were perfectly poached and yolky when prodded - which went so well with the salty corned beef on the english muffin. Everything was pretty melt in the mouth though i found the Mornay sauce a dash too salty. Along with the muffins came a little greens, sauteed potatoes and caramelized onions. It was good but I definitely will not pay $17 for this again @.@

I had the Smoked Royale - same deal but with smoked salmon and Hollandaise (the standard issue Eggs Benedict sauce) instead of beef. The salmon was a tad bit soggy and not very inspiring - the Hollandaise sauce was a bit off too. There was just something not quite ... right with this dish! In my book the only way to eat smoked salmon is with capers, sour cream and cream cheese on a bagel.

Colours were nice though - this one came with potato mash instead.

All in all I think the eggs benedict were good but the price / portion / taste ratio was off whack. That and the drizzle -> rain as we walked back to the bus stop, along with the noisy smokey roads on a Saturday morning kinda played negatively to Hatched's favour as well. Don't think we'll be back again!

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