Friday, January 14, 2011

Fou de Fafa, Capital Tower

It had been a busy week at work for both of us, and on Friday night we decided to unwind a bit at this place:

Tucked away at the bottom of Capital Tower in Tanjong Pagar, this cafe serves what seems to be an assortment of fusion food. The quirkiness of the name is mirrored in the menu and decor (items available on the blackboard includes A Hug, A Slap on the Head, and An Intelligent Conversation - will be sure to try those out next time we go!).

It was quite quiet for a Friday night - but I can imagine it bustling with the lunchtime CBD crowd.

This interesting dish here is the Organic Pancake Lasagne (Vegetarian - but there a choice of Chicken t00). It's actually two layers of pancake (tasted more like a crepe to me), and in between were a whole lot of feta cheese (I suppose to be replaced by chicken if you order that instead). There was a generous lashing of (undeterminable) sauce too. Soft and yummy! We thought this dish may be a bit light on its own (the perfect excuse for dessert afterwards though!).

We also ordered this epic (read: BIG!) chicken-sausage-bacon-egg-avocado sandwich to share. I like how the sandwich is separated into two parts. One half had the meat, and the other half was the vegetarian part of the sandwich. A cool idea, as it is enough to feed two, and if your dining partner is vegetarian this is the perfect compromise!

This was awesome and satisfying! It's really an explosion of flavours and textures. The vegetarian part of the sandwich has a very interesting and yummy turmeric sauce! And the bacon.. well, ah bacon.

Highly recommended! :D What a nice start to the weekend.

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