Friday, February 25, 2011

Keisuke Ramen, Millenia Walk

Having not had ramen in a while, and refusing to keel to conformist Ippudo (which still does deserve an entry, if that damn place lets us in), we decided to check out funky ramen places at Millenia Walk, Parco. This place has two ramen places just steps away from each other - Nantsuttei, which sells the usual Tonkatsu stock ramen and etc. and some specialties like Dragon ramen (which has real dragon (not komodo) in it) - and Keisuke, which sells ramen with funky soup bases like prawn and crab stock.

After scouring the entire menu, we could not find the prawn stock written anywhere - either those Amaebi are hiding from us or they simply did not have it on their menu anymore - I decided to go with the crab stock miso ramen and ajitama. And holy shit was I surprised when this monster came.

To date I have not had a ramen stock that packed so much flavvooourrrrr in it - it was just living and breathing CRAB. Feels like i'll get pinched on my lip just sipping the soup - the ramen stock was thick and taste was very pronounced. Granted they weren't too generous with the ingredients inside - besides the egg there was some strands of sliced chilli, 2 or 3 pieces of chashu, bamboo and that extra negi on top cost me $1.50. It's also the chinese small spring onion instead of the usual ramen big fat ones. The noodles were also pretty strange in the sense that it's closer to the flat, lor mee kind of noodles in both look and texture, as opposed to the usual ramen.

Bunny had the tonkatsu chashu ramen, which she loved! The soup was rich and not overly salty (unlike Baikohken) and every noisy slurp was a delight. Noodles were 'normal' (like literally, you can choose the hardness level - and also the amount of oil) and this was just the right amount of chewiness.

One thing i thought missing was the traditional ramen gaban pepper that you can find in some places, although they did have bonito flakes (those strange living flakes you find on takoyaki) and jars of pickled bean sprouts for your sprinkling pleasure.

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