Sunday, February 20, 2011

Veganburg, Jalan Eunos

After a evening of attempted cycling at East Coast, bunny suggested we go 'healthy' and check out this vegan burger place named rather uninspiringly as VeganBurg. This place was easy to get to by train, being just 5 minutes from Eunos MRT, but finding parking near this spot was rather horrendous.

This place was packed with healthy people, and we were lucky to find a seat indoors. We had 4 set meals with 4 funky juices - Orange Passionfruit, Cherry Berries, Beetroot Carrot, Spinach Wheatgrass.

Brightly coloured beverages! No doubt that additional colouring was used, but they were good and fruiteh / vegetable-like.

The mission of Veganburg, on a cup.

And lo-and-behold the glorious burgers arrived suspiciously on army-issued mess tins - guess it's saving the planet in a way by reusing junk! Two of us had the Smoky BBQ, which was a mushroom patty, lettuce tomato and alfalfa on rye bread. The BBQ sauce was yummy but I felt the mushroom patty was strangely lacking in mushroom flavour, but the burger overall was still really really good. Can't really be compared to actual meat like the Fat Basterd, but amazing what burgers vegans can produce!

The Tangy Tartar tasted surprisingly similar to the ubiquitous fillet-o-fish, which was not a bad thing. Even the patty was suspiciously fish-like - but was a tad bit more crunchy. Each bite was yummeh (can't go wrong with tartar sauce) but I may have been expecting a little something more out-of-the-ordinary.

One thing I enjoyed though, were the fries! Homemade and double fried - the only way potatoes should be consumed :D

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