Saturday, February 26, 2011

Serenity, Vivocity

On the day of the king's speech, we popped by Serenity for lunch. We were the first few to be there (a good thing too, our orders got to the kitchen first, ha!) - upon seating, hordes of families started swarming in.

As we were starving and could not survive the 30-minute paella wait, we decided to pacify our stomachs with cod fishcakes as tapas. The texture was unlike regular fishcakes we are generally acquainted with - it was a bit floury/creamy/flaky on the inside. Definitely a good change. However the cod-ness was not very pronounced. Still good with the squeeze of lemon and the olive oil dressing from the tiny salad.

When half an hour passed we kept shooting glances at the 20 or so servers (ok I exaggerate, but there were a LOT of them) standing around the restaurant to demand our main course. Finally we were presented with this:

Behold the Paella Valencia - the portion was deceptively small but as we plowed through the pan, we realised it was just a bit more than enough for us. Ingredients were plentiful - we didn't have to fight over mussels, prawns, chorizo and chicken - and the saffron rice was oh-so flavourful. Oh it also came with some aioli sauce which went really well with the paella. We also enthusiastically scrapped off the burnt rice bits from the pan and were duly rewarded with nice charred chewy bits (that got stuck on our teeth, but nevermind). Though we both agreed that Don Quijote was by far better!

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