Saturday, February 19, 2011

ReStore, Tanjong Pagar

It was a dark afternoon, half starved and grumpy and with the flying spaghetti monster threatening rain on our heads, we were still determined to check out this nifty little hideout called ReStore.

Part vintage-furniture store, part cafe, this tiny establishment is located in Tanjong Pagar. One blink of an eye and you may miss this place.

We stepped in and were greeted by a single Japanese woman, who capably managed customers who were viewing the furniture as well as minding the kitchen. Later we found out that she started out purely on the furniture sales, but then was convinced to bring in her own homemade bagels and waffles to sell to customers. These food are served atop tables which you can later purchase if you take a fancy to it.

The menu is limited, but each item executed well. Famished, we ordered:

Wholewheat bagel with maple syrup walnut cream cheese ($5.50).

Note the wooden board it is served in. The bagel was slightly over toasted (we heard "oh-no!"s and scraping of excessive burnt bagel-parts in the kitchen) but was both crunchy and chewy. The cream cheese was very yummeh! The sweet and salty combination and the occasional crunch of the walnut was perfect.

We also ordered waffles!

We waited so long for this dish, but found out it was handmade from scratch. While we were expecting a huge pile of waffles bathed in maple syrup, this was not meant to be. What we got was actually even better! The waffles were slightly crispy on the outside, and exceedingly fluffy inside. It comes with a little pot of syrup and some whipped cream on the side. We also got an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with it. This was just simplicity done perfectly. While these may be some of the best waffles I've ever had, I wouldn't pay $12 for this again.

Might be worth a revisit if we are in the area. Otherwise, items are slightly pricey and as mentioned, limited. Probably not a full fledged lunch place - more like a nothing-to-do-on-a-Sunday-and-I've-got-$20-to-splurge-on-waffles-and-bagels-and-tea place.

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