Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Les Bouchons, Ann Siang

Our very French (and decadent) lunch on one fine Thursday afternoon: Les Bouchons!! Snugly found in a semi-posh Ann Siang area which was home to many fine restaurants, this place was filled with 4 sets of good looking Parisian type peoples when we arrived. We felt like we were intruding on their Eiffel Tower-inspired lunch by enjoying this in our shorts and flipflops.

Escargot baked in olive oil and herbs. This was interesting as it was not served in the usual shell + holey plate + strange fork combination - the escargots were already removed! All we had to do was introduce it to the element of our mouth. We polished the snails and sauce off with complimentary bread.

The snails were very juicy and flavourful (as clearly indicated by the copious amounts of oil... yum). Was an excellent start and preview of what else was lined up for us :D

Assortment of mustards for steak ... yea. It's mustard.

This place was most well known for their steak-frites, which we were convinced was very authentic french food. And when the steak-frites was served, it was greeted with two very appalled and pleasantly surprised faces. The massive brown chunk pictured above is possibly the best sirloin steak known to (wo)mankind. The fries are the double fried and doubly-good kind (free refill I believe).

On the male side of the table was the insane hunk of rib-eye with a generous slab of herb butter sitting atop it. This steak was sin in its most pure, distilled form. Note: the fork is there for relative size comparison (ie. that is a huge ass piece of steak).

The foliage was there to counterbalance the protein and carbs overload, and was also freeflow.

Medium rare ftw!

Lord knows how we finished a whole slab of meat each and still found space in our second stomaches for dessert. This strangely large and shallow plate of creme brulee was perfectly brulee-ed and decadently sweet and awesome. Since it was shallow the caramel / creme ratio was higher than average, definitely a wise choice :)

This place will definitely get a revisit!

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