Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chatrium River Barge, Bangkok

Was celebrating Ems' 23rd birthday at this lovely riverside buffet spot at Chatrium River Barge.

This buffet comes complete with a riverside ambience, free flow of alcohol, a live band playing unfortunate Thai renditions of popular songs, and an overly enthusiastic violinist.

Aforementioned violinist.

While the selection of cuisine was a little different (and less) to Melt The World, being less than half the price WITH free flow alcohol (cocktails, wine and beer I believe) and an ambience a billion times better gets a stamp of awesome in my book.

Alongside breads, pasta and roasts outside the restaurant building was also a selection of fresh (maybe) seafood that you could pick to grill on the spot. Unfortunately this being Thailand (a land according to Ems where orders get mixed up too often) we handed the chef Platter A but got Platter B instead, which was missing the now-there's-no-more-left crayfish :/ But i have no complaints over fresh grilled seafood!

Inside the restaurant building you get an assortment of cheese -

desserts (which were awesome) -

salad bar (i personally loved this salad bar cos it had artichokes) -

raw bar (oysters were YUM) -

ham bar (?) -

- and an assortment of sashimi and cooked Thai and fusion foods that were too strange to take photos of. In fact we didn't get a chance to try the various cooked Thai foods as we'd already stuffed ourselves silly with cheese, salad, oysters, roast, grilled-seafood and of course, lunch.

And a toast to Ems turning 23 :)

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