Sunday, December 12, 2010

Skinny Pizza, Raffles City

Stopped by Skinny Pizza in Raffles City enroute to Riverdance! T'was surprisingly packed.

Sweet potato fries. We thought the sprinkling of sugar was unnecessary - and it was a bit too oily for my (Ems) liking. The fries got a bit cloying after three each. Oh well. The Taiwanese make it better.

Turkey ham with cranberry jam and rocket pizza. Was pretteh good but the sweetness of the cranberry was a bit too much (that was all we tasted after several mouthfuls) and the rocket-pizza ratio was way off (we need us moar rocketz).

The pizza crust was very thin and light (cos it's Skinny Pizza! Hahhhaha .. ha .. yea). It should have been named Anorexic Pizza cos it was just way too thin and unnatural. Good thin crust pizza is like Modesto's or Picotin which makes it just nice, wood baked. Skinny pizza was skinny.

Here's Ems looking awesome :)

Here's me going om nom nom.

Here's Chocolate Tart being forgettable.

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