Saturday, December 25, 2010

Baan Klang Krung, Bangkok

First dinner in Bangkok! Went to a pretty sweet authentic looking thai restaurant somewhere near some river.

First thing that hit us was that they serve Pangasius. We thought it was a distant relative to Pegasus but turns out it's just a catfish. Ah well no winged horse for us tonight.

Instead of being served in the usual holey wooden plate, they came individually encased in a cage of pandan (?) leaves. The otah was solid and chunky instead of being usually flaky - one of the best ones i've ever had!

The tom yum goong was the clear version (without coconut milk - that one is nasty) and was spicy and awesome. Came with very generous servings of seafood and mushrooms. My first authentic bowl of tom yum goong in Thailand!

Papaya salad! Having never heard of papaya salad in Thailand, it tasted surprisingly similar to the mango salad i'm familiar with, except a bit less sour.

The grilled scallop was slightly crispy around the edges and still very juicy - came served in individual scallop shells. Kinda wished they were bigger!!

Vermicelli Puu!!!! This was every bit as good as what the advertisement has you believe - the crab was juicy and the vermicelli sweet with chunks of pork bacon and garlic in it. Luckily there was way more than two claws for all of us :D

First dinner in Bangkok was yum :)

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