Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crickets and grasshoppers, Pattaya

Despite the awesome name, crickets and grasshoppers was not the name of a restaurant, but rather of actual crickets and grasshoppers.

We were lucky enough to chance upon a street stall in Pattaya that was selling this, as apparently it's not found in Bangkok. I've always wanted to try!

This is my alarmed face, though i'm certain the grasshopper would be more alarmed if it were alive.

Look at it glisten in the camera flash with deep fried goodness, and the translucency belies it's true awesome crispiness ... who am i kidding, this thing looks scary.

This is how intimidating it looks if you introduce the grasshopper legs first into the element of the mouth.

And ... the damn thing actually tastes good. The bug itself doesn't have much of a taste, but the sheer amounts of spice powder and oil that went into it makes every bite - grasshopper or cricket - taste like a crispy fish fin that's overly salted. The legs did have a weird texture as it is visibly thorny and slightly harder to the bite, and there's always the subconscious fear that the damn thing will start jittering either near your mouth or in it. Luckily it did not.

Bunny had an amazingly daring go at the grasshopper :D

The stall was also selling maggots and small frogs cooked in a similar fashion, should have tried them all.

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