Monday, December 27, 2010

The Royal Dragon, Bangkok

While it's not uncommon to visit a restaurant with Michelin stars (albeit a depressing one for your bank account), it was the first time i've visited a restaurant with a Guinness World Record. And no, it's not a Guinness World Record for the best-goddamn-food in the world, which would be arguably hard to judge and maintain, but rather for a chinese restaurant that has just way too many seats.

For being a 'unique' selling point of the restaurant, one wonders why it chose such a cliche name of Royal Dragon (though Mang Gorn Luang sounds kickass), cos I would have named it Big-ass seating capacity restaurant. 8.35 acres of land produces 108 to 216 TONS of corn per year (using actual math)

This place was positively huge, and that pagoda in the background also houses more 'private' rooms.

What the ... stop him!

This place was so huge that in order to get around the waiters need to use roller skates. Pretty interesting concept, but I wonder how the restaurant trained all 1,200 employees to be proficient with serving food while on roller skates.

This picture is hard to explain.

So the video will explain it. Basically twice every evening, an emperor will cable-slide across the whole restaurant carrying a fiery steamboat while epic chinese music plays in the background. Never thought i'd see 'emperor', 'cable-slide' and 'fiery steamboat' in the same sentence, but yea.

But despite all the gimmicks ... the food here was actually really really good!

We had oyster omelette, ngoh hiang, tom yum goong, roast duck and some greens. We also had a strange dish, which was pan fried vegetables with red dates, gingko nuts and cashews, oddly sweet and chewy texture in the dish was not bad at all. Interesting experience.

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